Myths can be the truth wrapped in colorful dreams. Or it can be the unfulfilled wishes of somebody. Please don't try to search the truth behind each story. Just read it.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011


As it is widely believed, after the creation of Kerala, Parasurama had appointed eight families for taking care of the health related problems and six families to perform tantric rituals. Out of these six families three turned to black magic and witch craft where as the other three followed the ethics and the instructions given by Parasurama. Kalloor Mana family was one among them. Their sir name was “Namboodiri and the male members of that family were used to known as “KALLOOR NAMBOODIRIS”. Though they were originally from Kottackal in Malabar, later on they shifted to Pallippuram near Pattambi. They have constructed a house near the Changanamkunnathu Bhagavathi temple. Once a person from this family went to Thrissur for worshipping Lord Vadakkumnathan(Lord Shiva). He was staying in the temple premises on those days and used to come to the temple early in the morning when the temple opens and sit there in the temple whole day by chanting hymns and holy scripts. He goes out only in the evenings for a bath and again returns to the temple and sits there till it closes. And he was living on a single meal in the noon. Years have passed and one day he was sitting in the temple immersed in deep meditation. The priests had finished the day’s duty and they went locking the temple. Neither they have noticed Namboodiri sitting there nor did he notice the priests closing the temple. After some time when he woke up from his meditation he noticed that everybody left the temple  and it is closed. As there was nothing to do he sat there chanting holy hymns of Lord Shiva. Suddenly a book felled in front of him. He took it and kept it inside his rucksack. He kept on chanting the hymns and after sometime the priests have come and opened the temple for the day’s rituals. 

  Days have passed and one night while this Kalloor Namboodiri was sleeping Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvathy appeared in front of him. With a divine smile they instructed him to finish his worshipping in the temple and asked him to go back to his house. Then Lord Shiva told him that the book he received on that night was gift for him and it contains a lot of holy hymns which will solve all the problems faced by human kind. He strictly instructed Namboodiri that he should use that power only for the good causes and should not misuse it for any reasons. Then they disappeared.

As per the instruction of Lord Shiva he stopped his worship at Thrissur temple and went back to his home. After spending some days with his family he went for a pilgrimage. Visiting almost all the temples in Kerala finally he reached Trivandrum, the then capital of erstwhile Travancore Kingdom. As the king was heard about this Kalloor Namboodiri he received him with great respect and affection and put him in his own palace. One night after dinner the King and the Namboodiri were sitting on the balcony of the palace talking each other on different subjects. Then the King narrated an incident.

During the time of his predecessor Marthanda Varma (who was ruling the Kingdom of Travancore in early 16th century) there was a revolt against the King. It was a handiwork of certain feudal lords known as “ETTUVEETTIL PILLAIs”. But the brave King defeated those feudal lords in war which lasts for almost two years. At the end he killed all the warring lords by beheading them and immersed their bodies in the sea and made their ladies to marry the fishermen folk who were staying on the seashore. So the family of “ETTUVEETTIL PILLAIs” came to an end. Nobody in their family was left over to perform the funeral rituals. So the Souls of these warlords became unrest and used to trouble the people of Travancore. These evil spirits used to come out of the sea in the midnight, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays.
They move down till the west fort gate and kill the people who ever are coming in their vicinity. As they were afraid of Lord Padmanabha the main deity of the famous Padmanabha Swamy Temple, they never dared to enter inside the fort. King brought a number of Tantriks from within and outside the country. But nobody could do anything to control these evil spirits.

As the time passes these evil spirit became more and more powerful and started creating more troubles. King requested Nmaboodiri to do something and save his country from a disaster. He agreed and asked the king to send some brave warrior to his room in the night. As instructed by Namboodiri King sent a soldier to him. Namboodiri was performing some special rituals then. After finishing his rituals he came out with a palm leaf and wrote something on that with a narrow needle. He handed over that leaf to the soldier and asked him to rush to the west fort gate. He also instructed the soldier that he should wait at the gate till those evil spirits come and should throw this letter written by namboodiri on the palm leaf at them. Namboodiri also asked him to be at the gate for quite some time to watch what is happening after he throws the letter and report the same to him.

The soldier rushed to the fort gate on a horse. He reached there and waited for the arrival of the evil spirits. When he heard the louder laughs and other noises he understood that they are coming. He waited in the entrance itself for them to come near. Once they came near he threw the letter at them. As soon as he threw the letter, all of those evil spirits started weeping as somebody has beaten them severely. They all turned back and ran towards the sea as if somebody is chasing them. Once it is over the soldier went back to the palace and reported the incident to the King as well as to the Namboodiri. Then Namboodiri told the King that they all have disappeared and will never return in future. King was so happy and presented a lot of gold and money to Kalloor Namboodiri


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